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Over our time around cars, we have seen a lot of widebody cars. However, this one has to take the cake for one of the tidiest examples we have seen to date. We sent our Japan based photographer Randy, to meet up with Daisuke and run us through his build!

The Build.

Circa 2017, Daisuke bought the R35 with the intention of building a stance car second to none. At the time, slamming an R35 was considered sacrilegious! Being one of the first to do it, Daisuke spent a long time on R&D for this project due to the lack of knowledge available on the market for such a build. After years of trial and error, the car sits as you see it today.

Moving onto the exterior of the R35 lets address the elephant in the room to begin with.

The R34 GTR would arguably contain the most unique factory paint options of it's time, and Daisuke has carried the famous millennium jade legacy colour over to the R35 era. On paper, you would question it. In person, it has us questioning why Nissan didn't release the colour code as a factory option!

With widebody kits often containing countless canards, diffusers and lip kits, Daisuke has kept the Rocket Bunny kit subtle yet effective. A simple front side and rear lip/diffuser kit keeps the lines of the pandem flares flowing smoothly. We can't miss that unique OG style Rocket Bunny lip hiding under the big wing either!

Hiding under those flares are a huge set of custom Schmidt FS-Line wheels. A huge 11.5" wheel up front with a -32 offset and 12.5" on rear with a crazy -97 offset!

The beauty continues with Daisuke's R35 even after you peep inside. A 1 of 1 Moontech fabricated roll cage painted to match the exterior, Recaro TS-G bucket seats trimmed in Alcantra, the limited Rocket Bunny Racing X Nardi collab wheel and the updated 2015 interior panels all tie in perfectly with the imamculate exterior.

Daisuke is yet to go crazy under the bonnet, pushing an easy 600hp with the upgraded intake, exhaust and tune.

We asked Daisuke what his favourite part of owning the car is, and he loves the mix of style and speed as well as owning a GTR. Although he does love the GTR, if he found the perfect 911 GT3 he would love to jump behind the wheel of a Porsche instead.

Igor would also love to give a special thanks to all friends who gave him support and all the sponsors who helped with the build.

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