Over 300,000 Happy Customers

HardTuned is 100% owned by Car enthusiasts and have been designing and creating the biggest range of JDM Car Clothing and Accessories since our launch in 1997.

Hardtuned is committed to bringing you the highest quality Car Clothing including T-shirts, Hoodies, Shoes, Caps and Jackets with all of our products being designed from scratch at our design studios based in Gold Coast, Australia and Osaka, Japan.

We focus on premium materials to create the worlds best JDM Car Clothing and Automotive Merchandise.

We ship Car Clothing and Merchandise to over 150 countries every year and sponsor Drift Athletes all over the globe who compete in the biggest competitions; Formula Drift, Driftmasters and D1GP.

We take pride in our Athlete Collaborations and work with them each year to create a unique range of Merchandise and Accessories in their own style. We have always been heavily involved in Cars and the JDM scene and are committed to supporting the community that supports us, with 60% of all profits going back into Motorsport, Events, Promotions, Sponsorships, Athletes & Cars.

Hardtuned’s JDM inspired Caps, Shoes & Accessories are manufactured by a luxury manufacturer responsible for other big names you know, but developed using our own moulds, patents and shaping for the perfect fit.

Our Car stickers and JDM decals are all produced by hand and made to order in our Gold Coast office using the highest quality vinyl.

In 1997 while still in high-school, our company founder Loz imported one of the first Nissan Silvia S13's into Australia and started the website to help build support and a community for importing Japanese cars.

JDM Imports were almost unheard of at this time so with the help of a some good friends and a few core team members, the HardTuned forums were created to connect JDM owners with likeminded people, find information and share their stories. & HardTuned quickly grew to become Australia's #1 car website, generating over 2 million hits a day, eventually expanding around the world with over two dozen regional car clubs worldwide and monthly events across the globe. We started sponsoring Motorsports, Drivers & Car Clubs, and it was this chance meeting with the local Nissan and Toyota clubs and dealers which led to the development our very first "Generation Hoodie" which have now become our instantly recognisable staple hoodie.

Fast forward 20 years and the internet shifted rapidly to social media, and while the forum days behind us we continued to expand the range of JDM Merchandise and Accessories and our community involvement.

We have sponsored and been involved with many events, brands & teams over the years, from V8 Supercars, GT Series, ADGP, Drift Australia, D1GP Japan, Formula Drift and more. 

We continue to sponsor Pro Drivers from around the globe as well as attend multiple events.