We want your content! Simply submit your photos or videos WITH OUR PRODUCTS IN THEM to get featured and go in the draw to win a voucher EVERY WEEK!

Video winners receive $100
Photo winners receive $50
We want:

• TikTok style videos/trends with Hardtuned merch or branding
• Videos of you in our merch
• Funny videos
• Professional video shoots of you and/or your car
• Professional photo shoots of you and/or your car
• Photos of you in our Hardtuned merch
• Photos of your car showing any Hardtuned branding

The best submissions will be posted onto our Instagram and Facebook each week. The winner will receive the voucher direct to their email address! The winner will be decided by the post with the most likes on Monday at 8am AEST. Submit your content below.*

*If we LOVE your content, we may contact you to become a brand ambassador for Hardtuned. 


1. By submitting your photo / video, you agree to allow Hardtuned use the content in their social media, marketing & promotions.
2. Promotion week starts every Monday at 12:01am and closes every Sunday at 12:00pm AEST.
3. Content is posted by Hardtuned and final winner is decided by the amount of likes on our combined social media presence.
4. Only one winner will be chosen each week.
5. Not all submissions will be posted.
6. Winner must be following the Hardtuned page.
7. Winner receives a Hardtuned store voucher. Voucher will be available to purchase any product on our website and has a 12 month expiry.
8. Content MUST have something Hardtuned related.