Want to join the team?

Interested in becoming part of the HardTuned team?

We are always on the lookout for new and upcoming talent in the car scene that would be interested in working with us, whether it be as a brand ambassador, media partner or athlete - we want to hear from you!

Base Requirements:


  • Strong social media presence with active engagement on channels & pages
  • Strong presence & involvement with your local car scene
  • Willing and able to post about HardTuned regularly
  • Willing and able to help with the development and running of localized HardTuned events, marketing and awareness.
  • Enthusiasm to work with the HardTuned team on creating content for sales, promotions and ongoing tasks

    I fulfill all these requirements


  • Currently competing in a Professional National Level Motorsport Series
  • Formula Drift, D1GP, GT, GP, Nascar, Touring Car, Rally, Rallycross
  • 2,000+ Social Media Followers
  • Regular Posting / Engagement
  • Willing to run HardTuned branding on your race car

    I fulfill all these requirements

Media Partner:

  • Have a current online portfolio of work that is high end / cutting edge
  • Attend regular motorsport and automotive lifestyle events in your area
  • Have a strong following or demonstrate working
  • Be willing to contribute and help maintain social media channels

    I fulfill all these requirements